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Abundant IoT is a provider of worldwide technology services focused on IoT, comprising Energy, Connectivity, Mobility and Cloud services combined with devices (ie- sensors).  As experts in technology facility sourcing, Abundant IoT also offers Pyrolysis (transforming plastic/waste into energy) Solutions as well as Crypto Currency (ie- Green Bitcoin Mining) options among other sourcing (ie- datacenter) solutions. 

We empower, transform, and support organizations through a channel of independent Technology Advisor Partners. Our leadership and management provide high level consultation on projects for the optimal customer outcome. With hundreds of contracts available, and over 25 years of experience in the space, we customize the best solution for your organization through our channel of experts.

Abundant IoT focuses on Energy, which is often the missing link when putting together an efficient and effective technology stack for IoT. Think of it this way: do you think about turning the light on when you walk in a room? Energy Services are the foundation of the services that tie IoT together in a completely customized solution.

The timing to discover the right IoT solution for your client or company has never been better. With the shift to cloud solutions and SaaS coupled with the pandemic and the work from home revolution, the need for automation has dramatically increased creating a great path for IoT. The time for Abundant IoT is now.

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Vince Bradley / founder & CEO / Los Angeles, CA – Vince Bradley, a native of Northern California and a UCLA graduate, founded WTG in 1996, one of the largest Master Agents in the US. Viewed as a true pioneer in the industry, Bradley sold WTG to Bay Area based Unicorn AppDirect to form AppSmart, the leading source to find, buy and manage all business technology services.  Vince is unique in the IT channel in that he has deep knowledge of Energy Services. As one of the only channel leaders with a deep knowledge of connectivity, mobility and energy, Bradley is well positioned to take on the new IoT channel model. As a visionary with a passion for IoT, this year Bradley launched his newest venture, Abundant IoT.  Bradley resides in Malibu with his wife and 3 daughters.     

Emmet Tydings / CSO / Columbia, MD –

Emmet Tydings has over three decades in channel sales with the last 20 plus in Telecom running regional master agency AB&T Telecom, LLC and its Galileo ™ brand of services.  Emmet launched SaaS services in the Telecom channel in 2010 before “Cloud” was in the vernacular of the channel, and at the same time introduced wireless mobility services ahead of the master agent channel.  Mobility has moved far beyond cell phones into critical infrastructure services such as Internet Failover, IoT and primary data connections where Emmet has been at the forefront of channelizing services for MSP’s and telecom agents.  Emmet’s Channel experience in Network, Wireless, IoT and Energy services will help drive Abundant IoT’s channel strategy and service direction.

Tem Wu / VP Mobility / Los Angeles, CA – With over 25 years of wireless experience, Tem Wu has spent the last 13 years in the channel developing and implementing mobility and IoT strategies for advisor and provider partners.  Wu’s knowledge of nextgen technologies provides guidance to partners as they lead clients through the converging digital and energy world. 

Wu’s previous experience includes AppSmart, WTG and Sprint.

Edward Gordon / VP of Energy / Chicago, IL – As a highly-respected energy advisor and team leader, Edward Gordon brings over 25 years of broad-based experience with companies of all sizes to Abundant IoT. Edward has significant knowledge in energy advisory/energy procurement SaaS for all asset classes including real estate, hospitality, manufacturing and industrial. His commitment to excellence has resulted in thought leadership and an acute ability to sense market trends and adapt accordingly.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Edward entered the telecommunications industry working directly with customers and developing channel partners with Worldcom, Access One and GCC. Edward envisioned similar market potential and migrated over to energy working with public and start up energy suppliers like Bluestar Energy, AEP and Eligo. He is uniquely qualified for his role at Abundant IoT in that he has extensive telecom data experience coupled with over 15 years in the energy industry. Edward is an experienced software strategist, involved in creating end to end contract and procurement management systems.

Lindsay Anastasio / VP of Operations / Los Angeles, CA – Lindsay is a veteran of the US Army and Wall Street executive with decades of strategic management and leadership experience. Lindsay is a dynamic and innovative finance professional leveraging cutting-edge approaches and philosophies to produce alternative methods and concepts complementing 15 years in accounting, reporting analysis, and operational leadership. 

Lindsay transforms accounting and operational processes, procedures, and results by applying creative energy and problem-solving expertise to produce sustainable solutions while staying mission-focused.

B.A. in Accountancy from Georgia State University.

Ian Mitchell / VP Finance / Los Angeles, CA – Ian Mitchell is a producer of results with over 33 years experience as a leader in the banking, private money, and financial industries, with an early foundation in technology.

As a banker, he headed the Mitchell Group at First Capital Mortgage, which posted sales volume of over $5 Billion of closed production over fourteen years. 

Mitchell is credited for several developments which became lending industry standards. In 2015 Mitchell founded Palisades Capital Growth Fund and Management Company, using a joint venture model to build value and wealth. This unique approach to syndication attracted substantial investment and ongoing growth. Mitchell’s earlier history in the computer and emerging technologies industry of the early 1980’s gives him a strong foundation in tech; this alongside his leadership in financial markets gives him the tools to build Abundant IoT into an industry leader.

Napoleon Canizales / VP Brand / Los Angeles, CA – Napoleon Canizales is an online marketing and social media expert. After graduating from the George Washington School of business, Napoleon founded several successful publishing and advertising ventures including Nouveau, South Beach’s first major style magazine.

Later on, he founded a top event promotion company, with clients that included The Ericsson Tennis Championships, The Miss Florida Pageant and The Miami Grand Prix. After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered the power of digital media to promote brand awareness, and market products online38 to drive revenues. He is also the founder of the Santa Monica-based GIVIT, an online philanthropic solution, which uses blockchain technology to transform the paradigm of giving.  Napoleon has worked with Warner Brothers, Ferrari USA, L.A. Community Colleges and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

Canizales holds exclusive rights to patented Pyrolysis technology for Latin America, enabling renewable energy and sustainability.

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