Reduce your bottom line

The quality of your water and conservation practices affect your organization's operating expenses. Avoid being too late to discover water issues that can result in catastrophic events and significant expenditures.

Monitor your water usage


Optimizing your building’s water consumption can considerably reduce your company’s operating expenses. Install valve hardware that helps reduce fluctuations in water flow and over oxygenation in the water that travels through your pipes. The process is simple and efficient; these water valves are easy to install.

Leak detection

Water leaks may be the cause for your increased water consumption and if left unaddressed, can wreak havoc. With a water leak detection system, you can prevent a problem before it occurs and with configurable technology, the systems are easily integrated within existing plumbing. Beyond protection, installing leak detection equipment can help save on insurance premiums.

Smart Meters

Get actual meter readings 100x more accurate than traditional meters and easily bill out to multiple tenants

Water Efficiency as a Service

Deploy the suite of water services along with monitoring software to get real-time insights into water usage and alerts on system issues.

Create a customized energy strategy

Energy Procurement

(Electricity & Natural Gas)

Energy Efficiency

(LED Lighting & HVAC)

Distributed Generation

(Solar, Co-gen, Micro-grids)

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