Energy Expense Management

Control cost & improve efficiency

Managing utility invoices for multi-locations can be complicated and time consuming. Get rid of those paper invoices and automate the invoice management process through Energy Expense Management (EEM). EEM consolidates all utility invoice data including Electricity, Natural Gas, Waste, and Water, in one single pane of glass for you to easily monitor spend and usage.

Enhance Your Organization

Like TEM (Telecom Expense Management), EEM presents another savings opportunity and can also help to significantly improve operational efficiencies. Energy Expense Management gives you transparency into your business through data monitoring and invoice management. EEM enables seamless operational benchmarking and goal tracking to gain insight to improve organizational efficiency. Through EEM, get bill audit services and rate optimization to ensure you are never charged the incorrect rate.


•  Manage all invoice data in one platform 

•  Ensure bill accuracy through audit and NO more late fees

•  Only pay one consolidated invoice

•  Reports by location

•  Dispute resolution

•  Automate & reduce labor AP expense

Getting Started

•  Key Verticals: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, and Commercial Real Estate

•  Spend: $10,000 per month or higher

•  Ideal for multi-site locations

Create a customized energy strategy

Energy Procurement

(Electricity & Natural Gas)

Energy Efficiency

(LED Lighting & HVAC)

Distributed Generation

(Solar, Co-gen, Micro-grids)

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