Blockchain is the most secure technology in the world.
Blockchain extends into the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4)
Web3 is built on blockchains evolving Web2 (second generation of internet)

Helium - Game Changer

  • Helium was founded back in 2013 with a mission to make the world a more connected place through a ubiquitous, global wireless network.  The Helium network is the fastest growing network in the world and includes LoFi (LoRaWan) as well as 5g (CBRS).  
  • With Abundant IoT’s seven figure investment in Helium and its devices, you will have immediate access to Hotspots with no wait time.  AIoT also has custom built software that allows for automation and management of hotspot deployment and ecosystem.  
  • Helium devices collect and send data in ways never before possible at a fraction of the cost of cellular without needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure. Helium uses an open-source wireless protocol, LoRaWAN, purpose-built for IoT devices and sensors. 
  • How does this work? By adding the open-source Helium blockchain, Helium has unlocked the barrier of traditional centralized network
  • Massive Coverage – The largest public LoRaWAN network in the US and now available in Europe.
  • Miles of Range – Range is optimized for devices running on Helium LongFi. Devices can communicate 200x further than Wi-Fi.
  • Legacy Connectivity – Costs are a fraction of those associated with cellular without the restrictions.  That is why Helium is the perfect fit for new construction, add ons and retrofits as it saves customers over 90% off what they would pay for legacy infrastructure (access points, mobile broadband, etc.) 
Click here for case studies using the Helium network.

Filecoin - Disruptor

  • Filecoin’s goal is to build a network with a huge number of storage providers that can be adapted to meet the varying needs of different customers. Lower costs, increased retrieval speed, and data storage redundancy are a few of the modifications that may appeal to customers who choose to use Filecoin.
  • Filecoin connects the world with a new storage and economic model.  Virtual storage is a trend for the future and Filecoin is leading the way.  
  • Filecoin Green: On Filecoin, storage providers have unique identities associated with their activity on the network. That activity can be used to model electricity consumption using on-chain information. The dashboard uses this Filecoin design feature to raise the bar for energy transparency across Web2 and Web3 alike, allowing anyone to estimate the energy use of any node in the network.

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