Mobility is one of the few key services in the network side of IoT. Having a strategy behind your company's wireless devices (ie- sim cards) will not only save you money but also secure your data. From rate plan optimization to M2M (machine to machine), MDM (mobile device management) and MEM (Mobility Expense Management), we cover the entire mobility space. Let Abundant IoT help you create the most efficiency and future proof mobility solution for your business.

Looking for a Mobility Strategy?

Our experts will find you a customized solution to fit your needs. Our team has almost 30 years of experience in connectivity and over 20 years of experience in mobility.  


Customize a mobility plan and activate your phones and tablets for your team.  Then we can set it up for ongoing management, optimization and upgrades.  


Tired of carrying 2 devices for coverage?  Activate your organization’s mobility plan without a physical SIM card enabling you to minimize signal issues that get in the way of the flow of business.  

Expense Management

Effectively manage your wireless accounts, device upgrades, and deactivations by using the most up to date cloud solutions. Rate plan optimization ensures the best plans are being utilized.  

Solutions to save you money while growing your business


IoT describes gateways and sensors with processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect data. Your IoT strategy ties together all your technology needs.

Energy Procurement & Efficiency

Energy Services are at the core of IoT, but are often forgotten. Ensure that you have the “full stack” of IoT solutions that include lighting, water, waste management and EV charging stations.

Energy Co-Generation Sourcing

We source renewable solutions for Green crypto mining and other block chains. Through our pyrolysis practice, we source locations and craft unique solutions to curtail brown power with sustainable solutions.


Connectivity services such as voice, data and internet are the key to communications. We have access to top level contracts enabling us to provide the right solution for any client.


Mobility connects remote workforces. It's more than mobile activations, it’s sim cards, e-sims, device management, machine to machine. We architect complete solutions.


Cloud services are more prevalent than ever. Whether it is Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service or any other SaaS solution, we have customized.

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Work with Abundant IoT experts to find you the best customized solutions and save you money.

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