Energy Building Management

smart Connect your Business

The Internet of Things is making it easier to get transparency into business operations through the cloud. With Energy IoT, move one step ahead of the competition by proactively managing and monitoring your critical infrastructure. Deploy sensors and controls across key points in buildings to get real time data on your operations. Proactively monitor the health of key assets to readily address any downtime and inefficiencies from anywhere with internet access with remote monitoring. Get simple to read visuals and data points in one platform.

Smart Buildings with Predictive Analytics

Are your building assets efficient? With Energy SaaS & IoT, you can gain real-time insight into how your business is using energy. Advanced algorithms and AI evaluate your data and diagnose problem areas to help you make better business decisions. Avoid unplanned infrastructure downtime and proactively perform maintenance to avoid catastrophic asset failure. Remotely enable a better on-site experience with temperature monitoring, lighting controls, and air quality monitoring while making your operations more efficient.


•  Cloud-based platform solution

•   Reduce operations costs

•. Predictive maintenance to lower outages

•   Real-time monitoring & alerts

•   Elevated building experience

•  Turn-key solutions


Getting Started

•  Key Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Retail

•  Spend: $5000 per month per location


Create a customized energy strategy

Energy Procurement

(Electricity & Natural Gas)

Energy Efficiency

(LED Lighting & HVAC)

Distributed Generation

(Solar, Co-gen, Micro-grids)

Case Studies

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