Distributed Generation (solar, co-gen, micro-grids)

Energy Rate Predictability & Resiliency

Can your business afford for the lights to go out? The US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab values resiliency for a large office at $14,000 per hour! Extreme events such as severe weather, forest fires and other grid emergencies are causing more frequent grid blackouts and outages. Deploying on-site generation such as solar, fuel-cells, battery storage and micro-grids offers an alternative to grid power for redundancy and can help protect the bottom line. Take advantage of tax incentives and rebates to lower deployment costs while locking in prices for the long-term.

Sun. Fuel Cells/Cogeneration. Storage. Micro-grids.

Solar & Storage

Over the last 10 years, solar deployment has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42% while install costs have decreased. On-site solar can save money on your electricity bill while helping you meet your green goals. Charge batteries using the solar system then switch over to the batteries for when the sun isn’t shining and for redundancy in power outages. Federal grants, tax incentives, and rebate programs are available to aid with initial costs.

Co-Generation, Fuel Cells, & Back Up Generators

Better safe than sorry. Produce energy right where it is going to be consumed. By utilizing on-site power generation systems to ensure your energy needs are met if there is a grid failure. Generators can use traditional diesel fuel or natural gas. Fuel cells offer an environmentally friendly way to produce power via an electrochemical reaction and are safe since no combustion takes place.


Want to completely go off the grid? Combine solar, storage, fuel cells, and cogeneration assets on site to act as an energy island. Operate completely autonomous from the grid to eliminate outages and the costs of not operating.

The Process is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Submit Your Customers Utility Bills

Simply scan & send your Energy bills (electricity, gas, water, waste) to an Abundant IoT Advisor or click on the button below and the team will get back to you with a quote and/or request for more information.  

We Engineer a solution & Source Top Suppliers to Find You the Best Pricing

Set up a call with the customer to present savings and/or efficiency opportunities. Learn Energy and IoT services as you go and let us help your journey in the meantime.   

We Work with You to Close the Deal

You don’t need to know anything about Energy! Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.  The more you engage us and/or Providers with the customer, the better chance of closing the deal. 

Create a customized energy strategy

Energy Procurement

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Energy Efficiency

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Distributed Generation

(Solar, Co-gen, Micro-grids)

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